The hybrid working model was growing in popularity even before the pandemic. Covid 19 has simply acted as a powerful accelerant to an already burgeoning trend.

A key focus will be on the ties that bind your teams together, a new shared culture for all your employees. Providing stability, identity, and belonging for your teams is imperative. Whether your teams are working remotely, on premises, or in some combination of both.

The goal is for employees, who are working remotely and in-person, to feel like they have access to leaders and to the kind of informal interactions that happen on the way to the company Cafe.

Supporting Hybrid Working

Mosaic’s subscription model approach, allows clients the ability to flex services based on their individual requirements.  The wide range of support offers solutions, both onsite and for virtual interactive events. These include: random acts of kindness, pop up events as well as virtual cook-a-longs. These all offer the engagement teams are looking for.

Mosaic is flexible but the model is also extremely cost effective. A key requirement in these challenging times.

Getting the technology right will be crucial for companies looking to navigate this new workplace landscape of agile working. Companies are searching for solutions that can enable effective collaboration and communication in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Technical Support

Mosaic can support clients’ and customers’ tech requirements, such as our App for pre-ordering catering and supporting social distancing. The App also includes health and wellbeing awareness along with highlighting allergens, preferences and encouraging choice.  We know supporting customers’ health is imperative, especially in the current climate.

Other tech support is in its embryonic stage but these include: links to personal apps i.e Fitbit, payment options and many more.

As the rollout of the national vaccination programs finally shows light at the end of the tunnel. We know clients are re-evaluating all aspects of the workplace.  Now is the time for careful and strategic planning, supported by the right technology, to ensure adoption of new ways of working is as smooth as possible.

This is the opportunity to reimagine catering and front of house services.  Mosaic offers the solution you are looking for.


Heather Day

Account Director

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