With a decline in productivity as a result of the lockdown, and the return to greater flexible working, businesses will need to repurpose the offices to be energetic hubs to compliment the new way of working.

We know there is going to be a hybrid of measures companies will look at in terms of their services. Safety, well-being, performance, productivity, innovation and communication are going to be top of client’s and companies’ decision process. This throws up lots of new ways of working that requires flexibility and Mosaic can adapt to that.

Offering catering to sporadic numbers and days will vary, in some offices, wildly. But businesses still need to think about how to engage with employees. The need to review how the office benefits the team now can be a game changer, as engaging with teams is important – engaged people are 45% more likely to be effective than unengaged.  As caterers, we have a crucial role to play in inspiring our customers. ‘On site’ catering and hospitality is a direct part of the employee experience – I believe we will see more initiatives moving forward.

Mosaic, the new service offer from WSH, is well placed to support in inspiring people both within the office and remotely.

Mosaic is different as it is a standalone subscription model which taps into the flexible resources across WSH.

Clients can access whatever catering, hospitality, reception services they need. The model enables them to flex their requirements based on the volume of people they have returning to the office.

It isn’t an adaptation of existing models – it’s actually a brand new solution which has been developed following a review of the changing needs of our clients and the workplace. We built this from the ground up and are pleased at how it has been received from prospective clients.

The solution is designed to support people who know they need to do things differently. Whether it’s a need for a ‘pop-up’, ad hoc reception service, hospitality etc. Clients are able to offer their teams and employees all the elements which are going to enable them to continue running a productive business.

It can be used by those not looking for a full-time service but do need some level of resource. Mosaic means clients can access one person and don’t have to go to a myriad of suppliers.

The subscription element also means they can have clarity over prices and control over costs. It allows businesses to budget for a year.

Technology is now also going to be playing an important part, and although we developed our Pearpay app long before the lockdown, it is an incredibly useful tool for clients to flex and manage their service. Whether it’s floor delivery, ‘Click and Collect’, or service through timed systems, every scenario will be accounted for.

At the end of day we are about great service and fresh, delicious food, but how we deliver it will be flexible and will adapt as people come back and numbers change.

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