What was considered as normal daily decisions have become more complicated. During these challenging times various unknown scenarios have to be taken into consideration.

In an increasingly complex and volatile business environment, informed decision-making based on knowledge but inspired by genuine insight has never been more important.

Factors to take into consideration

  • What is the government roadmap to re-opening businesses
  • Will the roadmap change
  • How will changes impact long term decisions
  • How can I support my teams Wellbeing

To name a few….

This is the world we unfortunately find ourselves in. We need to review how we look at challenges and find their solution.


Decisions can’t be made based on what was known yesterday. Rather, decision making must be driven by continually refreshing our understanding of what is known today and recalibrating the understanding of how tomorrow is being reshaped by today.

Not an easy task!

Innovative Solutions

The workplace teams’ Health & Wellbeing  has never been more paramount. Internal team based decisions need to be a priority to make them feel safe and welcome in their new environment.

Catering is a key benefit that offers real added value and supports their return to the workplace.

Clients need for flexible, innovative solutions is key. Underpinned with no long term commitments, as the future is so volatile at present.

Mosaic: our innovative subscription model really is the answer.

Supporting adhoc front of house solutions, from catering to reception services. Clients will feel supported and empowered. Their time will thus not be taken up setting up and managing a specialist supply chain. Mosaic will manage these scenarios for you.

Contact us at info@mymosaic.works

Heather Day

Account Director

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