Unprecedented times need bold innovation, flexibility and value for money propositions. Clients are looking for imaginative hospitality options, and Mosaic provides the solution.

We understand the challenges our clients face. They want to support their team members’ health and wellbeing and tightly manage operating costs. By focusing on our clients’ new ways of working we have developed a solution that supports all aspects of their catering and front of house services.

Why Mosaic

Mosaic addresses key issues for clients in this current climate. Flexibility, innovation and value for money underpins this subscription model. As your needs change, the subscription plans allow you to scale-up or down as required. We know you are looking for solutions that does not tie you into a long term contract. The Mosaic plan is cost effective and enables you to sign up for a duration that suits you. Furthermore, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Flexibility and confidence is key

Especially relevant is the flexibility of the model. You can optimise your credits and rollover to use at a time that suits the business. Tailored solutions support both catering and front of house services. During these challenging times you need to have confidence in your supplier. We only use qualified teams who deliver excellent customer service at every stage of engagement.

Membership benefits

We know you have many time constraints, Mosaic can ease the day to day pressures. A dedicated Director and single point of contact will manage all the needs of your members. Familiarity is key to loyalty, thus members have access to UK’s leading brands.

This includes high street ‘grab and go’ brands and Michelin star chef virtual events. Mosaic delivers the very best guest and employee experiences.

Health & Wellbeing

The pandemic has driven a real desire for comradeship at work. To be productive, teams must be engaged and enjoy higher levels of wellbeing. This has never been more prevalent now while a lot of people are working from home. The catalyst to bring people together and create memories has always been food and drink. Our tailored interactive packages will deliver this ultimate goal.

Trusted Advisor

Safety is key especially during these times. Legislative compliance, audit process and team training are key within the services offered. With our market leading ideas and innovation we can provide solutions to many current challenging scenarios.

Mosaic is the imaginative solution needed to ensure we can continue to support our clients’ needs in these challenging times.


Heather Day

Mosaic Account Director

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