Communication and collaboration is vital during these challenging times. It has never been more crucial that suppliers are aligned to their clients strategies and goals. Open lines of communication are key. Mosaic can help businesses pivot by ensuring we understand requirements and goals. Trust and confidence in each other are essential to work in these current conditions.

When a company has a good relationship with their supplier, ideas are shared within the partnership. This can lead to improvements and often new business opportunities for both parties.

Face to face engagement

Our new reality has brought into sharp focus what we’re missing: face-to-face interaction. Those key times of getting plenty of work done by walking down the hall and poking your head into someone’s office. Communication currently feels far less organic. When teams return to the workplace, community workspaces will become commonplace. These spaces will benefit from innovative catering solutions.

Team benefits

We call it hotel-ification. When people go into the office, they want a great experience. They want to know that their employer has thought about what it feels like. Communicating the changes ensure the teams feel welcome and valued.


An open two-way dialogue with teams is essential. Gauging comfort levels with phased returns, whilst keeping teams engaged is a priority. Diversity and inclusion is essential to support teams returning to sites.

With this in mind, offering fun, valued interactive activities on site is paramount. Mosaic can offer a variety of solutions: ranging from mobile coffee bars to street food pop ups. These showcase a real experience to being in the office. This will support your teams health and wellbeing, and ensure they feel valued during this process.

A safe pair of hands

Trusted advisors during these uncertain times are crucial. Our experience ensures we can be this for our clients. Mosaic is a brand you can trust, we are powered by WSH who have a proven track record in the marketplace. Ensuring our customers and clients safety is the number 1 priority. This due diligence ensures clients can be confident in our delivery and execution.

Collaborating with Mosaic will support you having a structured innovative plan in place. Your teams will know you care about their wellbeing as you look forward to welcoming them back.

Heather Day

Account Director for Mosaic

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