The moving parts that make a new picture

It’s all well and good talking about the pandemic’s impact, but we also need to start working out what the solutions can be. Ones that will be flexible and able to provide the answers to all the challenges that lie ahead as people return to work.

The future of work

We felt there are a lot of words and theories but few answers.
Working alone on a PC isn’t that inspiring and treading water is never an option, so we put our heads together and came up with a new solution. It’s aimed at those new clients that need services with complete fluidity and with budget assurance that allows them to plan.
With the advantages of joining a larger hospitality group and all the resources that brings, the team has come up with a practical solution. Mosaic is the result!
Mosaic is the new hospitality offer that answers the big question. What can we do to support a business that is unsure what they need in the future, how often and in what way?

Mosaic’s innovative service subscriptions

Mosaic includes flexible access to all hospitality, reception, front-of-house, and catering services. And, as needs change, the subscription plans allow businesses to scale-up or down as more people return to the workplace.  
What we have enjoyed most putting this new business together, is thinking things differently. We know that budgets need to be met. And we want to make the office a desirable place to return to. There needs to be a sense of ‘its a great place to visit’, where you do things that you can’t do remotely.

Hotel-ification of the workplace

We call it hotel-ification. When people go into the office, they want a great experience. They want to know that their employer has thought about what it feels like. Most importantly, employers want the teams to feel they belong and are welcome with all the services they need.
For Mosaic, we thought about what we, our colleagues and friends tell us that they like about going to the office. What assurances they want? Office life needs to be safe and welcoming. We know that there will be an element of home working for everyone too. Our virtual team building events are a great way for those working from home to have a relaxing and purposeful time with their colleagues.

Total flexibility

So if you don’t have a solution to:
  • cover reception with a smaller team
  • give everyone in the office a delicious cup of Fairtrade coffee on days when it’s busier
  • make sure there is tea and coffee in the tea-stations every day
  • cater for a board or sales meeting
All these challenges in the new office world NOW have a one stop solution…
The answer is Mosaic, now what’s the question?

Wendy Bartlett MBE

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