Mosaic is a new subscription-based contract catering and FM model launched to offer clients flexible solutions whilst there are a fewer people on site and until offices fully reopen.


Mosaic’s flexible support plans are a simple and cost-effective way to completely deliver a client’s catering requirements, whenever they need it, for a low monthly fee. With a support plan in place, all they pay for is the food consumption. Mosaic’s subscription plans include access to all the hospitality, front of house and catering services that clients need during a time when they have fewer people on site and until offices reopen.

No long-term commitment

Mosaic’s simple subscription model provides clients with flexible and cost-effective catering and hospitality without a long-term commitment.

As their needs change the subscription plans allow them to scale-up or down and in the future, reimagine their catering at work from a blank canvas.

Access to quality brands

Mosaic members have access to the UK’s leading brands operating in the food service, front of house and hospitality sectors.

From delicious High Street ‘grab and go’ to Michelin star chef virtual events the WSH family can deliver the very best guest and employee experiences.

Support from a trusted team

Clients can rely on Mosaic’s team of hospitality experts to create an entirely bespoke hospitality, front of house and catering service to fit their needs, budget and facilities.

With a dedicated Account Director, Mosaic guarantees a smooth user experience. Mosaic’s highly skilled team members are cross-trained to increase productivity and reduce labour costs. Mosaic uses the latest app technology to deliver an outstanding and Covid-19 safe catering and hospitality experience.


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